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By | February 19, 2020
 Australia Immigration

 Australia Working Visa Immigration Guide

Work & Live in Australia: 


 The first thing one would consider before applying for a visa to Australia is the requirements that the Australian Government has imposed concerning migration. There exists a system called the general skilled migration system. Under this system, migrants are assessed and awarded points based on different categories. With the required amount of points, a person will be eligible to migrate to Australia. If a general skilled migrant wants to move under the requirements of an independent category, he requires 120 points to qualify. However, if a migrant is sponsored by any State Government or by a blood relative living in Australia, he expects only 100 points.


  A general skilled migrant has to be under the age of 45 and will also have to complete individual requirements like work experience, level of skills, and English language proficiency. When it comes to examining the level of expertise of a candidate, any diploma, degree, or trade qualification is recognized by the Government of Australia. To obtain sufficient points under the category of work experience, the candidate has to provide documents to prove that he or she was employed or self-employed. As for determining your levels of English proficiency, a course known as IELTS is recognized by the Australian Government. 


 According to the Australian Government, passing this course is the correct proficiency measurement of the English language. Since IELTS is an internationally recognized course, all countries have institutes that offer this course for students of all ages. If an applicant is applying for a business or investor visa for migration, he or she can be below or above the age of 45 but has to be below the age of 55 years old. There are individual requirements for a business or investor migrant. These include proving with documents the existence of successful and qualifying business ownership with a consistent turnover and assets figure. A person over 45 years of age, in the position of a Senior Manager, can also apply for business migration if he or she can prove the asset requirements. 


 Furthermore, those who do not have formal qualifications but have the right level of work experience, the Australian migration system recognizes them. For example, if you are working as a General Manager, HR Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager at a senior level and in addition to that, if you have more than five years of working experience in a large firm, the Australian Government recognizes you as a Senior Functional Manager. A candidate in this position can obtain 60 points under the skill assessment category. Applicants can receive extra points if they are fluent in other languages. For example, if a candidate studied his/her degree in a language other than English but is still proficient in the English language, he/she can earn extra points under the Australian migration system. 


 The financial year of the Australian Government goes from July to June every year. At the end of every fiscal year, the Government announces an immigration program to fill in the shortages in the workforce. The Federal Government of Australia works with the State Government to attract the best possible migrants to fill in the gap. The Australian Federal Government is the department that is authorized to issue visas to Australia. However, if an Australian State Government wants to recommend certain people as migrants to fill the shortage of workforce, they can do so by providing a State Sponsorship to the candidate. 


 A State Government also has specific skill demands under the legal criteria. Furthermore, if a candidate has been in Australia for four years, out of which he/she was a permanent resident for at least one year. If he/she proved to be a lawful resident, that person is eligible to apply for Australian Citizenship. In addition to this requirement, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Australia has a Citizenship Test that has to be passed by the candidate to show that he/she is of good character. Lastly, it is essential to keep in mind that the Australian Government is very conscious about the criminal records of an applicant, whether they are applying for Citizenship or just permanent residency.