How To Apply For UK Visit Visa

By | February 19, 2020
how to apply for uk visit visa

United Kingdom is a European country. Almost every single state issues its visas. The essential requirements for a particular visa depend on the purpose of travelling. According to the European visa policy, some visitors don’t require any authorization to enter a country. They can travel around the Schengen countries whenever they want. This strategy is also called as visa exemption policy. United Kingdom has also introduced various visa permits.

United Kingdom Official Visa Permits

A visa permit or a visa document is simply called as a visa. A visa allows a candidate to visit a country officially. United Kingdom immigration authority issues the travelling visas for the following reasons.

  • Study or education
  • Learning or research purposes
  • A job or employment purpose
  • Business purposes
  • To visit someone or relatives or friends
  • For the medical treatment

General documentation necessary to obtain a specific visa is given below.

  • Get an application, fill all the required field
  • Provide all the necessary details about you and your family
  • Your identification provided by your country
  • A valid passport, make sure that the visa is effective for three to six months
  • Provide a genuine and legitimate reason behind your tour to United Kingdom
  • Attach two or four photographs which are fresh and almost identical to you
  • Provide the essential details regarding your health and character
  • Prove that you must not have any illegal offence and you are a good citizen
  • Prove that you will return to your country if your visa expires
  • Provide the details regarding flight and ticket reservation
  • Also, provide a valid copy of your return ticket
  • Financial resources
  • Tell the immigration division that you are agreeable to visit the country
  • Prove that you will follow the European rules

Other necessary documents and certification are explained according to visa type.

Education or Study

Education is essential for every single person, whether it is a kid or adult member. Almost every country is providing the best opportunities for study. European schools and higher education departments welcome thousands of international students every day. The students are also allowed to do a specific job while continuing their research. The additional requirements are as follows.

  • Identification of the wising students
  • Passport details
  • Provide the necessary details related to your previous schooling history
  • Also, provide all the exclusive certification and degrees
  • Information regarding new course and institution
  • Provide the essential details regarding your achievements
  • Necessary info related to your financial resources
  • Your medical report and health insurance
  • Provide a valid proof of enrollment
  • Approval letter for your latest study course
  • Information regarding the most recent host

Learning or Research

People also visit several countries for research purposes. They get various pieces of training for different purposes. The additional necessities to get a specific visa for a research project are just explained below.

  • The ID of the candidate and required info about passport
  • Provide the stuff regarding previous research projects or training sessions
  • Provide information regarding new projects
  • Info about the financial means
  • Provide the taxation info if necessary
  • In the case of being invited by the European company, provide the letter of invitation

Employment or a Job

There are several companies and industries. These industries provide thousands of vacancies. European employers invite skilled persons. Most of the qualified persons are also authorized to bring their families too.

  • Provide the papers regarding previous job experience letters
  • Details regarding the skills matching to the new job
  • Provide the company and employer’s information
  • Information regarding bank account
  • Tell the immigration sector about your financial position
  • Provide the fresh bank statement for at least six months
  • Letter of permission provided by your country and employer
  • Prove that you are physically fit and don’t have any dangerous disease

Business Matters

Business is an important activity. People make several visits to deal with business matters. Business visa is mostly issued to high profile people and people in the industry. The additional requirements to get a business visa are as follows.

  • Your ID
  • Valid passport for the duration of three to six months
  • A legal and genuine copy of health and life insurance
  • Bank statement for the most recent six months
  • Prove that you are clean and a responsible citizen
  • Business papers like registration of business concern
  • Provide information regarding host or hotel reservation
  • Prove that you are financially strong
  • If you are involved in any trading contract, provide a copy of it
  • Invitation letter provided by United Kingdom employer
  • Prove that you have sufficient coverage for your expenses while residing in United Kingdom
  • A valid copy of memorandum and article of association

Medical Treatment

United Kingdom authorities are also providing the best chances for medical treatments. The required documents are as follows.

  • Medical report or disease diagnosis report obtained from the local hospital or doctor
  • A copy of the appointment with United Kingdom hospital or doctor
  • Financial means for treatment expenses
  • A payment receipt for medical treatment

Cultural Sports or A Particular Event

  • An invitation or approval letter to attend an event
  • Provide all the essential details concerning to you and your personals
  • If you want to attend the event of sports in group form, provide their necessary details too
  • A copy of travelling credentials like flight booking details
  • Provide the essential info regarding your stay period

Official or Delegation Visit

If you want to make a tour for the political purpose, you must have the following documents.

  • A copy of the official invitation
  • Your ID obtained by your homeland state
  • Essential details related your residence or hotel engagement details
  • Info about stay duration in United Kingdom

Visa For Teenagers or Underage Kids

  • An official copy of the authorization letter by your caretaker or parents
  • A copy of the salary slip of your guardian or parents

Visa Extension

You can extend your specific visas whenever you want. The visa extension can be made only in extreme or severe circumstances. For this purpose, you must meet the conditions.

Procedural System

The process includes the following simple steps.

  • Get the application and provide all the required details in it
  • Make sure that you have provided all the details correct
  • Attach your photos and passport copy
  • Also, assign a copy of your official ID
  • Provide all the asked documents by the immigration department
  • Apply and wait for its approval
  • Make the proper arrangements for your additional documents
  • Keep your records with you whenever you travel United Kingdom or within the European boundary