How To Migrate To France

By | April 7, 2020
How To Migrate To France

To know about other places and countries is being a good activity every time. People like to know and share the interesting facts about the places with others. To get the information about interesting and attractive places is a favorite hobby of thousands of people. They visit these places, collect the data and then share their ideas.

The sharing of ideas can in the form of an article, a simple paragraph or an interesting story. People also like to get the entire acknowledgement about traveling around the home land or a foreign country. Well, our respected visitors you can find the all interesting facts about different countries and states.

So let’s begin!

France is a western type country situated in European land. It covers up to six million forty thousand six hundred and seventy nine kilometer squares of land area have approximately sixty seven million individuals.

In fact, France is a most developed state just like many other sovereign states such as Australia, Canada, Poland and Germany etc. It was grouped into 18 main administrative regions since 2016 and these regions are further divided into about 100 departments. It has also some water area that’s why its five main regions are situated oversea.  It is consisted of several largest regions like the most famous is Paris, Lyon, Lille, Dijon, Angers, Grenoble, Rennes, Reims, Nantes, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Nice, Marseille, Le Havre, Toulon, Saint-Denis and Saint-Etienne etc.

This is mostly said that the Paris is the queen of France.

France is a really beautiful state as it has several beautiful and attractive places. Every year, France got millions of visitors throughout the world. Some general information includes its major language, main cash exchange and some information about its political affairs.

Its major and most speaking language is French. The major city and capital is Paris. There are several religions exist like Christians 50%, 40% citizens are irreligious, round about 6% people are Muslim and remaining are Jewish and other different religions. The major currency is euro and simply written as EUR or the symbol is €. In accordance of political affairs, Mr. Marcon is the most recent president of France.

Well, France ranks as sixth largest country and a strong GDP which is nearly 2 trillion dollar. As it is providing high quality living standard, high quality assistance and guidance about the education and health matters, good job opportunities, better market places and best training & learning facilities to its public. So, this state has maintained purchasing power. It has different type of companies and several business concerns. It is also considered as powerful country internationally.

France government has well-maintained relations with other states as it is closely associated with United States, United Kingdom and other European states. This state has an associative membership in the several international organizations such as

  • United Nations
  • G8, world trade organization or WTO.
  • Secretariat of the Pacific Security.
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
  • Indian Ocean Commission, Association of Caribbean State.
  • Other global networks include OECD, UNESCO, and Interpol.
  • International Bureau of measures and weights.
  • France also takes part in assembly matters and hosting.
  • It is also a founding and basic member of multilateral global organizations.

Well, it has strong relations with United States, United Kingdom, Germany and other European land areas. France has made great efforts for its defense system as it makes a great and powerful contribution for its military department.

The France has introduced powerful strategies for the trade and business affairs. These steps and efforts are really helpful to secure the trading purpose between the countries. The domestic industry or the private sector also has a good impact in business market. So, France is a good importer and exporter for luxuries goods and commodities.

Because of these all efforts and strategies, it ranks as 2nd biggest fast growing economy in all European states. Well, some important facts and realities which the people will really like to know about France history. These things will create more attraction for the visitors. These facts are pointed just mentioned here.

  • France has six sided area. One fourth land area is surrounded by beautiful forests. Due to six sided area, France is also sometime called as hexagonal state of Europe.
  • Another interesting news is that Mr. Louis was became a king of France state after his father. This was happened just for 20 minutes because Mr. Louis was died twenty minutes later than his father.
  • France supermarkets were banned and fully prohibited from wasting the unsold goods and commodities such as food etc.
  • Approximately one million France citizens are residing in Italy near the border and they speak Italian language.
  • The highest European peaks are situated in France.

Now, the important thing is traveling around a foreign country whether it is placed in any continent of the world. The France administration of immigration affairs has made different policies. It is providing the visa documents for

  • A visa for short stay
  • And a visa for stay for a long time period or permanent settlement in the country.

The visa for a short time period is also known as temporary visa and this kind of visa document includes the following purposes.

  • Study or education.
  • To visit the relatives, friends, spouse or kids.
  • Training or learning.
  • For employment.
  • For the business matters.
  • It also includes the hospitality issue.

The permanent visa permit can be applied at any time. You can apply for the long term visa if you are one of the following.

  • The scientists.
  • A student or an intern.
  • A spouse of a France citizen or other European or EEU or Swiss citizen.
  • A spouse visiting the state for temporary basis not for working.
  • An employed person having a long term contract.
  • A temporary worker having the contract for 3 months to one year.

According to France immigration policy, if you belong to European, EEA or Swiss nationals and other states such as Australia, Japan, Israel, Korea, Canada, New Zealand and USA you don’t need any visa permit. Whether you want stay for a short time like for 90 days or for a long time period like more than 90 days in the France. But if you are non-European or EEA or non-Swiss citizen you definitely need to get a visa before traveling.

The general requirements for every candidate are listed below,

  • Your national identity card.
  • A Visa permit or a traveling document.
  • A visa application filled with all required information.
  • A copy of visa fee payment receipt.
  • A valid and authorized passport with the minimum time duration of 6 months.
  • A copy of cover letter.
  • Provide a proof about the purpose of your trip.
  • You must have a copy of traveling policy according to your homeland.
  • Provide a valid proof about your good health and character certificate.
  • A valid proof about all sufficient financial resources.
  • You must have ability to speak French language.
  • In case of study or education purpose, you must have all historical documents of your education.
  • If you are visiting the country for a job, you should have all previous job experience letters.
  • If you are being offered by a French employer, you must have invitation letter.
  • 2 to 4 passport size most recent or fresh photographs with white backgrounds.
  • Time schedule about your flight.

When the people or visitors who have long term visa arrive the country, they should visit the France traveling office such as OFII with OFII completely filled residence form. Make a settlement for an interview and for some medical checkup.

The OFII will test you for French language test. Make the payment of your all necessary taxes and costs.

Now for working in France, if you belong to EU/EEA/Swiss or Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Korea and Japan, you are authorized to work in the country without any problem. If you are from other remaining countries, you definitely contact with a French sponsor.