How to Move to Czech Republic

By | April 6, 2020
How to Move to Czech Republic

Traveling is the basic activity of our busy routine life. People travel for different reasons like study or education, employment or for a job, or operate their own business.

In this article, we will talk about traveling around Czech Republic. First we should discuss its some general information’s which are really important to know before immigration. It is a European and western country, surrounds approximately seventy eight thousand kilometer squares. The main and most spoken language is Czech.

Prague is a major and largest city as well as a capital of this state and the currency is Czeck Koruna (CZK). Mr. Milos Zeman is the respected king of Czech Republic. Approximately, ten billion citizens are residing there.

Economically it is really developed, modern and advance, a high profit oriented state. It has a valuable fame in economic and social market of business concern. Despite of that it has peaceful and reputed links with other countries.

Now the question is that who can go Czech Republic?

One thing is very important that if you have a European visa, you can travel around all the European or sovereign states. This kind of visa is also known as Schengen visa or sovereign visa.

The visa policy for a European country is setup by European administration of traveling service. In this policy, some countries are mentioned as visa not required. This means the candidates belonging to these countries can enter the state without any visa document. These states are pointed right below,

  • The European citizens.
  • Hong Kong.
  • Holy Sea.
  • The Switzerland citizens.
  • And the citizens of the countries which comprise European economic area (EEA).

Remains are mentioned as visa required or they require an E-Visa or visa on arrival. Well, some of those country names are listed below,

  • Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Gabon.
  • Algeria, North Korea and Oman.
  • Pakistan, Benin and Bangladesh.
  • India, Saudi Arabia and Senegal.
  • Gambia, Belarus, Belize and Somalia.
  • Armenia, Northern Mariana’s and Burma.
  • Bahrain, Kenya and Ghana.
  • Russia, Qatar and Indonesia.
  • Algeria, Angola, Haiti and South Africa.
  • Burundi, Central Africa Republic and China.
  • Jordan, Kazakhstan, Jamaica and Cambodia.
  • Congo, Liberia and Syria.
  • Libya, Thailand and Sudan.

In the above list of countries, there are some countries which need airport transportation visa like

  • Pakistan
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Congo
  • Bangladesh
  • Afghanistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Somalia
  • Eritrea
  • Nigeria etc.

Well, there are some major requirements for the candidates who need a European visa.

  • A valid visa document or a travel document.
  • A completely filled visa application by the candidate.
  • A fee payment receipt for your visa.
  • A valid and authorized passport with minimum time period of 6 months.
  • A copy of your return ticket.
  • A copy of your medical insurance.
  • Provide a valid proof that you don’t have any medical issue.
  • Provide a proof about the reason behind your immigration.
  • Documentary proof of your good character and health.
  • Documentary proof about your all financial resources so that all costs can be handled.
  • You must have knowledge about the national language which is Czech.

Now some special and important requirements are pointed below,

  • If you are visiting the country for education or study purpose, you must have your all academic certificates.
  • If you are visiting the country for setting up your own business activity, you should have a valid proof about the business description. You should also have a memorandum of association.
  • You must have your business license.
  • A copy of bank statement for recent 6 months in case of independent person.
  • If you are a retired person then you must have pension statement.
  • You must have your international tax number.
  • If you are being offered by a European employer, you should have an invitation letter received from the employer or sponsor.
  • In case of job and employment, you must have your academic certificates as well as all past job experience letters.
  • Your CNIC card.
  • 2 to 4 fresh photographs with white background which must be passport size.
  • A document about your flight time schedule.

Czech Republic provides different visa brands according to your demand and requirement. The visas are

  • Visitor visa or tourist visa.
  • Business Visa.
  • A Transportation Visa or Transit Visa.
  • Visa for Hospitality.
  • Official Entrustment Visa and it includes following documents in addition. The copy of official invitation, applicant’s identity card, reason behind the trip and time duration for the stay in the state etc.
  • Visa Document for Training, Study or Education, Research purposes or for internship purposes.
  • Visa for spouse or kids. Your spouse, kids or any other relative need all the documents according to visa brand.
  • A visa for minors or under-age children. This type of visa includes the additional documents of parent’s permission for travel of kids and parent’s income proof etc.

After all of this stuff, a detailed and easy procedure for the immigration is discussed below,

  • Always consult with an official immigration process or make a visit to different websites to get acknowledgement about traveling for foreign countries.
  • Ask all possible questions about it and make sure that you have cleared your all doubts.
  • Manage your all required documents required for the immigration.
  • Check out the costs for your required visa brand before applying for visa.
  • Get a visa application, make a fee payment for visa application and don’t forget to receive a receipt.
  • Fill it carefully. Please do not make any mistake in the application.
  • In case of any problem please make a contact with your travelling office in your homeland.
  • Submit it and wait for its approval. Once it approved by state’s management you can go forward.
  • Also make a fee payment for your visa.
  • Make a settlement for a piece of interview.
  • Get your time schedule for your flight.

This is a modest procedure for managing the documents and applying for visa. Please be cautious whenever you travel around a country. You must keep your all traveling documents along with you.

Hope you have understood the major requirements, documentation, visa types and a procedure. Best of luck for your happy journey to Czech Republic