How to Move to Poland

By | April 6, 2020
How to Move to Poland


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In this article, you will find the information about Poland and how to migrate to Poland? The migration to one location to another location is an important activity of our routine life.

People travel around a country for several reasons like

  • To visit the relatives, spouse or kids or may be friends.
  • Or just for a trip.
  • Training or business purposes.
  • Education or study matters.
  • To settle permanently.
  • For some religious matters or political affairs.
  • For research purpose or sports.
  • The reason may be job or employment
  • Or someone may travel due to medical issue.

These reasons are very common in travelers. Mostly people like to travel around a country like a foreign country.

Well, in this article, there is a discussion about migration to Poland. Poland is a sovereign or Schengen state and Mr. Anderzej Duda is the most recent president. Poland is also well-known as European state. It covers up to three to four lac kilometer squares area with thirty eight million citizens.

The major language is polish. In fact, it is a largest country than United Kingdom and Italy in Europe. Warsaw is the prime city and capital of Poland.

This state includes several special land structures such as landscapes, beaches, mountains, plain and sandy deserts and forests. So, this country has a very temperate climate which is hot mostly in summer season.

Poland government has well maintained relation with other neighbor states. It is a reputed member of several global organizations such as

  • The United Nation.
  • The European Unions.
  • Economic development and co-operation organization
  • A European Space Agency.
  • The European council
  • And security organization etc.

Economically, it is a well stable country like other sovereign states such as japan, Italy and Australia etc. So, you can migrate to Poland without any hesitation.

Now, there is a question that how to migrate to Poland?

Poland administration of immigration department has made different rules and regulations for foreigners. There are several requirements are pointed below which are necessary for a candidate for migration.

  • A valid and authorized visa or traveling document.
  • A legal and valid passport with blank pages. The minimum duration must be 3 to 6 months.
  • A completely filled visa application.
  • A receipt of visa application fee payment.
  • Your CNIC card of your homeland.
  • Two to four photographs which should be fresh, passport size and with white background.
  • Provide a valid proof the purpose of your journey.
  • Provide a valid proof about your enough financial sources.
  • Prove that you have a capability to speak Polish language which is the main language.
  • If you are migrating for temporary basis such as study or training purpose, you must have all your academic certificates and a letter for the training.
  • If the candidate is making a visit for the purpose of business, he must have all kind of information about his business.
  • If you are migrating to the foreign country for employment or job purpose, you must have all past job experience letters.
  • If you are being invited by a European employer or a sponsor, you must have an invitation letter.
  • If the wishing person or candidate is a retired person, you should have pension proof.
  • Time schedule for your flight.

In case of any serious problem regarding security or safety, please contact with the local police of Poland.

The Poland government has introduced a visa policy which shows that which country need visa to travel around Poland. This is clear that if you have a valid visa document for European country, you can travel all European states.

The people belonging to India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Afghanistan and Bangladesh require a visa for Poland.

Poland provides a variety of visas to their foreign visitors and these are just mentioned below,

  • Visa for a tour or a Visitor Visa

The visitor visa permits a visitor to travel around a country on temporary basis. The time duration for stay in country is short. To get this visa brand you require a letter from Poland sponsor or family, passport copies and bank statement for minimum latest six months.

  • Business visa or visa for business

This kind of visa authorizes a person to migrate to a country for work or business purposes. If you are interested to get tis visa you must have an invitation letter from the Poland Company. The certification from the sponsor or employer who is permitting you for business basis migrating.

The candidate must have a memorandum of article association in original form and a trade license. If you have any experience regarding trade or business, please provide a valid proof about them.

  • Visa for Hospitality

This type of visa is used for medical issues. This visa brand authorizes a candidate to migrate to a country for the treatment. For this visa you must have a report regarding your medical issue of your home country. Attested medical report by Poland hospitals and doctors and a date of an appointment with the regarding doctor. Also provide medical fee payment receipt.

And other visa brands are just written below,

  • Study visa or visa for training
  • Visa for official or political affairs
  • Visa for kids or children
  • Airport transit or transportation visa for Poland
  • Visa for your spouse like husband or wife

Now the entire procedure for the migrating to Poland includes following steps.

  • The candidate must discus about immigration to a foreign country with traveling departments or services.
  • You can also get information online as there are various websites which are providing useful information and guidance about migration.
  • Ask all possible questions as much as you can.
  • Please manage your all sufficient financial resources.
  • Manage your all academic certificates and experience letters regarding job or employment.
  • Most important thing is that if you don’t have capability to make a conversation in polish language, you must learn polish language first.
  • Get your most recent photographs.
  • Check out all possible costs for visas.
  • You can make a request for the visa application by visit a traveling office as well as online.
  • Make visa application fee payment and get receipt.
  • Fill the application carefully and please do not make any mistake.
  • Submit it and wait for its approval. Once it approved you can go ahead.
  • Also make payment for visa cost.
  • Make a settlement for an interview and don’t forget to take all your necessary documents with you.
  • Finally, get your flight inquiry document.

Hope you have understood all the require documentation and certification as well as the process fir migration to abroad.

Please be careful whenever you travel within the country, you must take all traveling documents and papers along with you. All the best