How To Visit Belgium

By | April 5, 2020
how to visit belgium


Belgium is a European country, and it welcomes thousands of visitors almost every day. Economically, Belgium is a great and awesome country in entire Europe. It has many well-organized cities with highly modified infrastructure. Belgium has peaceful and friendly relations with other states. It is also a good importer as well as exporter.

It is an exciting activity to travel around a country. Just like all other states, the Belgium government provides different reasons for an international visit.

The primary reasons for an international visit are given below.

  • For the education purpose or study or learning
  • Employment
  • To perform the business dealings and meetings
  • For the medical reason
  • For the temporary visit

Qualification For Visa

To be qualified for a European visa permit, you should meet the following settings.

  • You must be monetarily stable and ambitious for travelling
  • You are physically healthy and fit
  • You don’t have any illegal or criminal problem

Every single country has designed visa permits. A visa is also well-known as a visa document or visa permit. It allows a candidate to live in a country officially. Some of the European states are included in a visa exemption policy.

According to this policy, the included countries can travel around the European states whenever they wish. They don’t need to have any visa document. Other remaining republics require an official visa to enter a country.

The visa requirements to visit Belgium are explained according to the visa type.

Study Visa or Visa For Education

Many people like to study in abroad. The reason is that there are many valuable ways of learning. The Belgium authority provides many learning opportunities for global students. Here you can find and learn your desired courses. The primary requirements are given below.

  • The valid and official identification of the wishing student candidate
  • Passport copy and it must be valid for three to six months
  • Provide other previous passport copies if you have any
  • Previous schooling record such as essential certificates
  • Provide the necessary info regarding your latest study course
  • Provide the letter of enrolment in the latest institution
  • Provide all the info regarding your fund resources
  • Prove that you have enough cash funds to handle your expenses
  • Provide the letter of permission by your parents or guardian
  • Letter of authorization provided by your homeland country
  • Prove that you don’t have any illegal offence
  • Prove that you are not a threat or a problem to the state
  • Prove that you are healthy and don’t have any dangerous medical problem
  • Flight registration and hotel booking details

Visa Permit For Employment

Now a day every factory and company publishes the valuable vacancies. They offer attractive salaries and benefits to attract skilled workers worldwide. Skilled workers are also authorized to bring their family in Belgium. Students are also allowed to do some job while studying in abroad. Belgium provides many golden chances to get some experience while learning your favourite course. The essential requirements are as follows.

  • Identification provided by your homeland country
  • A valid passport which is valid for three months
  • A medical report shows that you are normal and healthy
  • Previous work experience history
  • Provide all the necessary and important details regarding the new vacancy
  • Show that you are fit for this job
  • Information regarding the latest employer or company
  • Information regarding your financial position and family
  • Provide your education certificates and degrees if necessary
  • Prove that you will leave the state when the visa expires
  • Details regarding hotel booking or host
  • Important information related to your flight reservation

Visa For Business Matters

Belgium authorities also allow international citizens to perform business activities in Belgium. Many people travel around Belgium to handle business matters. The significant necessities are as follows.

  • Valid identification of the wishing nominee
  • Visa application for the desired visa
  • Legitimate and legal passport provided by your country
  • Provide information about you and your family
  • Provide the essential details regarding your business
  • Provide a trustworthy and genuine purpose behind your visit to Belgium
  • Also, provide the business registration papers if necessary
  • Provide the latest meeting appointment or any business dealing
  • Provide proof that you are a responsible citizen
  • Prove that you will deal with your business under the Belgium law

Medical Treatment

The medical problem is severe. Every country is providing the best facilities to treat diseases. Belgium has also hired thousands of qualified and experienced medical staff. The necessary documents are as follows.

  • An official ID of the patient candidate
  • Passport information of the patient
  • In the case of caretaker, provide his essential details too
  • Prove that you have enough financial sources to handle the medical expenses
  • Provide the previous medical report or your disease diagnosis provided by your local hospital
  • Provide the details of the latest appointment with Belgium’s doctor or hospital
  • Info regarding your stay period in Belgium

Temporary Visit To Belgium

Some people prefer a visitor visa for a brief visit. The visitor visa is valid for only three to six months. It doesn’t allow a visa holder to perform his employment activities. It is designed for vacation purpose. The requirements are straightforward.

Belgium Permanent Residency

Some people like to have permanent residency in Belgium. Belgium is also providing the best chances to get Belgium citizenship. It requires significant documents, and it depends on circumstances. There are two meaningful ways for Belgium citizenship.

  • By marrying a Belgium citizen or
  • Paying the residency price