Malaysia Visa Immigration process

Tourism is always a favorite hobby of the people and whoever they are, doesn’t matter. People make a visit to several states and cities for specific purposes. Some people visit the country for their business matters i.e. to attend the business and work meetings, some people migrate to the abroad country for higher studies and better learning.The students are always being recommended for higher studies in good and stable countries to improve their conversation fluency and skills. Some people wish to offer their skills and talents to foreign countries and make reputable fame. Other purposes include visiting the family members such as spouse or life partner, kids or relatives or friends, etc.Malaysia is the Islamic Kingdom and surrounds the area of three hundred and thirty thousand kilometer squares. Malaysia is consists of about 13 states with 3 federal regions such as Kuala Lumpur, Labuan, and Putrajaya

It has round about thirty-two million citizens. Its official currency is Ring git or MYR

Malaysia has a strong economy as it’s per capita income is approximately eleven to twelve thousand dollars. This has a highly industrialized and developed market economy

Prime Cities & States

There are several prime and major cities & states in Malaysia.

  • Kajang Selangor
  • Ipoh Perak
  • George Town Penang
  • Johor Bahru Johor
  • Alor Setar Kedah
  • Tawau Sabah
  • Melaka City Melaka
  • Seremban Negeri Sembilan

Official Religion

The major religion of Malaysia is Islam. Approximately 60 to 70% of its population is Muslim. The Malaysian administration has maintained the rules and regulations for other religions in the kingdom. These religions are Christians, Hinduism, and Buddhism

Foreign Relations

Malaysia has maintained associative relations with its neighbor countries. The policy includes reputable neutral and really peaceful relations with other foreign countries.

It has reputable membership of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nation) Islamic Co-operation organization, has strong and close relations with the United Nations, Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation and with several developing countries.

This kingdom has also maintained the high security for several industries and for tourism of foreign visitors so that the relations with other countries can be peaceful and great

Live & Work in Malaysia

Many people, throughout the world, visit Malaysia. They also wish for the living and working in this country. The wishing candidates can offer their skills and talents in Malaysian companies and industries. They can learn more and make their careers better.

If you are dreaming about immigration to Malaysia, this can be true now. The Malaysian authority has introduced a valuable visa policy. This policy includes the terms and conditions for traveling foreigners. This also includes the major requirements and eligibility criteria for desiring persons


The general required documentation is pointed below,

  • A valid and legal traveling document or a passport.
  • A legitimate visa permit.
  • A receipt of fee payment for visa permit.
  • A filled application form.
  • If you are being designated by Malaysia then you must have an invitation letter obtained by the Malaysian employer or company.
  • All academic records with certifications.
  • Proof about all financial sources.
  • 2 to 4 photographs.

Malaysian administration has also introduced an E-Visa brand and the requirements are,

  • If the applicant is below 18, he must have his birth certificate.
  • If you have any old passport, take it too.

The booking receipt of the hotel if you have booked already

Necessary documents for Student Visa

  • Students should obtain a support letter from the education department.
  • A copy of the acceptance letter.
  • A legal and valid passport.
  • New 4 passport size photographs

Malaysian Visa Policy

Malaysian administration offered a visa exemption opportunity to some IATA countries. These citizens can enter without a visa permit.

There some countries which are being offered Malaysian visa of 90 days duration.

  • Brazil, all European residents
  • Iceland, Japan, Jordan
  • Kuwait, Oman, Peru, Qatar
  • Switzerland, Turkey, Tunisia, Norway, Yemen, Lebanon
  • S. and UAE residents, Turkmenistan, Australia, Argentina
  • Cuba, Bahrain, Canada, Saudi Arabia, San Marino
  • New Zealand, Syria, Sudan, South Africa, South Korea, etc.

The Malaysian government is granting E-Visa to the following states.

  • Pakistan
  • China
  • India
  • Bhutan
  • Bangladesh
  • Sri Lanka
  • Serbia
  • Myanmar


Please make sure that you have clear all your doubt about your specific visa. You can get necessary guidance and assistance from a traveling department or from official websites.

Take all required documents with you when you send an application for a visa permit. Fill the application cautiously. The processing of your application can take time.

Pay the Visa permit fee and obtain the receipt of visa fee payment. At the time to travel the country, make sure your passport and visa permit have all necessary stamps. Always keep your traveling document whenever you travel or visit around the country. Best of luck