New Zealand Visa Requirements

By | February 19, 2020
New Zealand Visa Requirements

What is the New Zealand Working Holiday Visa Program

 A working holiday visa is a particular type of temporary visa offered by some governments. Generally speaking, specific strict regulations govern who is eligible to obtain such a visa and enter a foreign country for a working holiday. The requirements that govern eligibility for a working holiday visa may refer to the nationality, age, profession, and overall health of the applicant. The purpose of a working holiday visa is to allow foreign visitors to experience life in a host country while earning enough pocket and living money along the way. This enables people that generally wouldn’t be able to afford an expensive visit to immerse themselves in a new culture, meet new people of different nationalities, and to temporarily contribute their skills and talents to their host country’s workforce. New Zealand and Australia both offer working holiday visa programs.


New Zealand’s working holiday program is a great way to earn money as you tour the North and South islands. Why are there such seemingly strict requirements in place for the working holiday visa program? Frankly, it’s a means of self-protection on the part of New Zealand. Only accepting young and healthy people and only accepting them into specific transient industries ensures that the country will not be flooded by sick and needy foreigners trying to piggy-back themselves into a residence in New Zealand. This is why you can expect to spend some time and effort filling out your working holiday visa program application. New Zealand’s government wants to be confident that you meet the posted criteria, that your health is sound, and that you’re not going to enter New Zealand with any intention of trying to make it your permanent home. This is precisely why you’re required to show proof of having airfare taking you out of New Zealand. 


  If you cannot furnish proof that you have booked return airfare and that you will leave New Zealand within the time constraints of your prospective visa, you will not be approved for the program. long as you meet the criteria you are open-minded and adventurous, the working holiday visa program is a perfect way to see a great deal of New Zealand as you travel around of your own accord and earn spending money along the way. There are great support networks already in place in most of New Zealand’s major cities, like hostels with friendly and knowledgeable staff, special organizations that help to match incoming foreigners with temporary work like coffee shops, restaurants, and farms. 


  Most importantly, New Zealand’s natural beauty and vibrant lifestyle combine to off you the experience of a lifetime. If you have even the slightest to try applying for New Zealand’s working holiday visa program, read up to inform yourself and then go for it! Some people that enter New Zealand on the working holiday scheme, as it’s sometimes called, like to stay settled in one major area to more deeply experience life there. Others love the freedom granted them by their brief work arrangements, and dig into a new place every 2 or 3 weeks, earning enough spending money to keep themselves traveling.


 Why Choose New Zealand As Your Working Holiday Destination?


 New Zealand has a lot offer younger generation, meaning those lucky aspirants 18 to 30 years old who are eligible for the working holiday visa program. New Zealand’s major cities are fascinating blends of the modern and old worlds, and the country has recently earned a well-deserved reputation as being excellent for adventure sports like bungee jumping, skydiving, hang-gliding, water sports, and adventure camping. The community message board of any decent hostel in New Zealand will be full of various programs and companies that take visitors on unbelievable hikes, adventures, explorations, and quests. All the same, you can always organize impromptu explorations with your travel buddies, or link up with other young people in hostels you stay at to get a group together. 


 Most of the time, you can all get discounted rates on adventure packages when you go as a group. You’re also likely to have more fun when you go with people that are equally excited about adventuring and exploring the unbelievable sights of New Zealand. Not only will you have a support group and safety net to fall back on in case something happens, which is always an essential key to safety while traveling, but you’ll also have people to discuss the experiences with, eat meals with, and talk to. Even if you didn’t originally head to New Zealand with any friends, you’re still likely to make plenty as you go along. Working in different places through your working holiday visa is a great way to achieve this, as is staying in hostels and being open to new experiences. 


 New Zealand has two different islands, the North and South islands, to offer its visitors. For one thing, the sheer geological diversity that a visitor can experience during a trip to New Zealand is incredible: there are volcanoes, but also lush rain forests. There are vast oceans, but also seemingly endless fields and plains. With a landmass similar to that of Britain’s, but with only 4 million residents, New Zealand is also unique for being so uncrowded. Many people find the hikes and camping trips to be meditative because the natural scenes are so pristine and undisturbed by development or people. There are many startling differences just between the two islands, as well. While the north island features more volcanoes, more people, and more hot temperatures, the south island is generally less populated and more mountainous in terms of climate and terrain. 


 There are points of historical significance all over both islands, making both the North and South Islands well-deserving of a visit. The great thing about going on a working holiday visa is that you’ll have to freedom to move around as you see fit, so you’ll be able to see a great deal of New Zealand. It all depends on how you pace yourself and how quickly you want to move from place to place. Hunkering down in a cozy town for a few weeks while you tuck away pocket money for the next big move and adventure has become the de facto lifestyle pace of many visitors coming on working holiday visas.