Requirements for Immigration to Finland

By | April 6, 2020
How to Migrate to Finland

How to Migrate to Finland


Europe is the largest landmass and contains several states which have a strong and stable economic ranking. And Finland is one of them. It is situated in the northern direction of Europe with up to five to six million total residents. There are several cities in this kingdom, but Helsinki is a significant and significant city in this state.

Millions of people from other neighbor countries visit this state every day. Mostly this is said that Finland is the ice kingdom. This country is good-looking and well-organized in Europe. The schooling and hospitality division provides the best services every day. Most of the people travel around this country only for a tour that they visit the state for enjoyment due to its beauty and snowy look.

Move to Finland

Immigration authorities of Finland have introduced several visa documents for different purposes.

Finland Visa Documents

According to need and desire, there are following visa permits.

  • Tourist European Visa
  • Visa Document for Business or Work
  • Visa Permit for Hospitality matters
  • An official European Traveling document for Entertainment and Cultural Events

Important Documents for Visa Permit

Well, there are some requirements to get a visa permit from the Finland government.

  • Download a request form for an official visa, fill it with all the vital details. The aspirant can fill the visa application form online, save it, and then print it.
  • The nominee should attach his/her most recent photograph with white background. Make sure that the photo is clear, sharp, and have good quality.
  • Another essential requirement is valid and official passport and the copies of previous passports if you have any. These passports must be valid for 90 days. Also, the passports must have some blank pages.
  • A copy of return ticket reservation
  • Medical visa must have the €30000 amount within the European area, including Finland.
  • Health and character certificate
  • A valid and legal medical report which shows that you are healthy.
  • Also, provide the written proof about the main reason of your trip.
  • Provide documentary information about the flight booking with dates and necessary stamps.
  • Some additional documents related to the applicant such as birth certificate, marriage documentation, and ration certificate, etc.s
  • Provide valid proof about the source of income and economic position.
  • If the wishing person is traveling for employment, he must have an employment letter, a letter of approval from his employer, the most recent bank statement, and income tax return.
  • If the applicant is self-employed, he must have all required business information, income tax return, and bank statement for a minimum 150 days.
  • If the traveling determination is schooling, the student should have an enrollment letter and approval letter from his parents and education institute.
  • In the case of a retired person, the retirement or pension letter is necessary.

 Interview or Meeting

After the preparation of all the essential traveling papers, make a proper settlement for a piece of conversation. The aspirant can also make the whole set up for meeting online. Keep your all documents and credentials with you. Answer all the asked questions effectively. Acknowledge the officer about our financial position.