richest countries in the world 2019

World’s Top Richest Countries With Their GDP Per Capita

Do you want to know regarding the world’s wealthiest countries There are various metrics to rank economies of the world. Domestic Product (GDP) is one of the economic indicators, and per capita per person and GDP capita gross domestic product power parity is the most suitable metric for the world’s economy.
It is equal to all final services and goods produced in a country within one year divided by the average of the same year’s population.
The relevant data collected by organizations such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and many organizations use this information to rate world economies.

Here is the list of world’s top 10 wealthiest countries in the world. This ranking of the world’s high ten most prosperous countries/territories based on data from the International Monetary Fund.

1. Qatar
GDP per Capita: $124,930
Qatar is the world’s wealthiest nation. It’s got a total GDP of about $124,930 per person. This small middle eastern country’s economy focused on crude oil exports. Qatar’s capital is Doha.

2. Luxembourg
GDP per Capita: $109,190
Luxembourg is located in western Europe, sharing its frontier with Belgium, Germany, and France. Luxembourg’s market economy is stable and high-income, with moderate growth.

3. Singapore
GDP per Capita: $ 90,530
Singapore is an island citystate in Asia. It is India’s second-largest foreign shareholder. This country has the largest percentage of millionaires in the world.

4. Brunei
GDP per Capita: $ 76,740
The state has about 400,000 inhabitants. production of natural gas and crude oil accounts for about 90% of its GDP.

5. Ireland
GDP per Capita: $ 72,630
the third-largest island in Europe, the second largest on the British Isles. It is one of the most rapidly growing countries in Europe. It has nearly 4.784 million population.

6. Norway
GDP per Capita: $70,590
Norway has over 5 million inhabitants. Norway has $70,590 per capita GDP and is ranked sixth in the world’s top ten richest countries.

7. Kuwait
GDP per Capita: $69,670
Kuwait is a country in Western Asia, having 4.784 million population. It shares its borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia. the sixth-largest oil reserves in the world, and it funds its economy.

8. United Arab Emirates
GDP per Capita: $68,250
The UAE has more than ten million inhabitants. The UAE is one of the world’s wealthiest countries. The economy of the UAE appears to be heavily oil-based.

9. Switzerland
GDP per Capita: $61,360
Switzerland shares its southern border with Italy, westward France, northward Germany, and eastward Austria and Liechtenstein. It has an 8 million citizen population.

10. Hong Kong
GDP per Capita: $61,020
Hong Kong is a territory with over 7 million inhabitants. Since 1995, the country has consistently been on the top of the economic freedom index of the Heritage Foundation, but it is suffering from a relatively high-income disparity.