Romanian migration trends in 2020

By | April 6, 2020
Romanian migration trends in 2019

Europe is a continent and it has approximately 51 countries. Romania is one of them. It is a highly developing state of this continent. Actually, Europe has a really modern and well stable countries.
Some general information and significant data are pointed out here.
• It surrounds round about two million kilometers square European land area.
• It is the most populous state of Europe as it has over twenty million citizens.
• Its many citizens are residing in other foreign countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany, UK, USA, China, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Iraq, Belgium, Serbia, and France, etc.
• It comprises of several well established and maintained cities but Bucharest is the capital and main city of this state.
• The most spoken language is Romanian and the currency is Romanian Leu.
The main religion is Eastern Orthodox and approximately 80% population is Eastern Orthodox. Other religions are Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic, Reformed, Baptist, and Pentecostals, etc.
Romania has a leading economy typically based on several services such as machinery and electric energy production. This state has several machinery type companies such as automobile companies.
The Romanian citizens have made several notable and remarkable innovations in the science and technology field. The first airplane was taken off on its own power energy by a great scientist Mr. Traian Vuia.
Some aircraft were built by Mr. Aurel Vlaicu. Victor Babes has invented 50 types of bacteria and made great fame in the biological field.
According to the World Bank survey, this state has an approximately GDP of five hundred forty-seven billion dollars. It is the rapidly growing economy in entire Europe. Its different companies are providing a number of great and useful products. These companies are earning high profits at the end of every financial year.
The candidates from the whole world can also visit the country for the expansion of their own businesses or to offer their skills. Well, there are several companies which are basically related to IT department such as
• Hyper Sense Software which is performing its vital role in mobile apps and web development.
• Coding Bit, a web design and development company.
• We for Web, a company for custom software.
• Another web designing company is Website Lex.
• Wolf Pack & Digital provides mobile products.
• Digitalia provides performance about product development.
• Softvision.
• Momentum Software.
• ServUsTECH.
• C4Studio etc.
Now, the point is how to immigrate to Romania and what documentation is required for immigration to this state?
In fact, if you have a Schengen visa or European visa for one state then you can travel within the European area without any permit or problem. There are some countries which have full freedom to enter the state without any visa document. These citizens can stay up to 90 days.
Some of these states are as follows,
• Albania, Argentina, Armenia.
• Barbuda, Andorra, Austria
• Barbados, Denmark, Dominica.
• Belarus, Fiji, Czech Republic.
• Belgium, Belarus, Brazil.
• Botswana, Belize, Canada.
• Brunei, Finland, Gambia.
• Bulgaria, Bosnia, Costa Rica.
• Cyprus, Colombia, Cape Verde.
• Ecuador, France, El Salvador.
• Georgia and Grenada etc.
Many countries require visa or visa on arrival.
• Afghanistan
• Algeria
• India
• Pakistan
• Australia is an e-visitor.
• Bangladesh
• Benin
• Bhutan
• Cambodia
• Central Africa
• China
• Eritrea
• Ethiopia requires e-Visa.
• Gabon
• Ghana
• Jamaica
• Iran and Iraq.
• Kenya
• Jordan etc.

Millions of people visit European countries on a different basis every time. When a candidate or a wishing person wants to make a visit around a foreign country, he is needed some major requirements. These requirements are mentioned just below,
• A visa received from Romania’s Government.
• A visa application, filled completely.
• A fee payment receipt of Visa application form.
• Make a payment of visa document.
• Your passport and make sure it has all the necessary stamps.
• Provide documentary proof of reason behind your journey to Romania.
• Your health & character certificate.
• Prove that you have good fluency in Romania’s main language.
• 2 or 4 fresh photographs with white background.
• Prove that you have all sufficient funds for the journey.
• Flight inquiry document.
Above requirements are general requirements. The additional documentation and certification is explained below,
• If you have made a plan for an ordinary trip to Romania, you must have documentation regarding your group if you are visiting in group form.
• If you are making a visit Romania for study or education basis, you must have your past academic certificates, a document of no opposition for travelling, invitation letter or a cover letter by the institute.
• For the job or employment reason, you need your past academic certificates along with past job experience letters if any, invitation letter or a cover letter by the company or b by the employer.
• For the political basis, a candidate must have his invitation letter for the official officer.
• If you are visiting the state for business purposes, you must have the all necessary documentation regarding your business activity, permission letter by the government for business affairs, memorandum of articles and association, bank statement for fresh 6 months, a proof that you are visiting the country for business dealing and your international tax number etc.
• For a retired person, you must have your pension letter, bank statement for a minimum of 6 months and income tax number, etc.
• If the reason is a serious problem like medical treatment, you must have a medical report that indicates about your health or medical problem, an appointment letter received by Romania’s doctor or hospital, etc.
After all of this, we should talk about visa brands that are being provided by Romania’s traveling department.
• Visa for a temporary visit.
• Business visa or work visa.
• Airport Transportation Visa.
• Study visa or Visa for Training or research.
• Romania also provides a blue card that presents you as a permanent citizen of Romania.
The entire process for the journey to this state is not so difficult but there some points which are easy to understand.
• Make a search for the traveling regarding topics that are in your mind.
• Get more and more information as much as you can.
• Please visit nearly located traveling office or bureau and get guidance and assistance about it.
• Clear your all doubts regarding traveling require documents and other additional papers.
• Check out the costs of the visa that you need to have.
• Get a visa application, fill it cautiously and submit it.
• Don’t be panic and just wait for its authorization.
• Also, make the payment for visa application and visa document and don’t forget to receive both receipts.
• Make an arrangement for a piece of an interview.
• Make all arrangements for your enough funds, academic activity certificates and job experience letters, etc.
• Visit your nearly located traveling agency or your homeland airport for time schedule for your flight.
Hope you have got all the information and understood them. Enjoy the journey to Romania.