Visa For Tajikistan

By | February 19, 2020
visa for tajikistan

To visit a country is full of excitement for everyone. Asian airports greet millions of people every day. Everyone knows about Asia, and Asian states provide the best opportunities for international visits. The included countries are organized effectively. They also owe stable infrastructures. These states are stable, trustworthy, and fully secured. Asian countries have great significance. The Asian boundary includes several states, and Tajikistan is one of them and currently ruling by Emomali Rahmon.

Tajikistan is an Islamic state, and about 98% of the population is based on the Muslim religion. Dushanbe is the significant capital of this state. As Asia is a vast region, it has introduced and modified its rules and guidelines to make immigration safe and better. An immigration sector has also provided a policy to make traveling reliable. This state is surrounded by Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan.

A visa is also named as a permit. A visa document authorizes a candidate to live and perform work activities in the kingdom. 

The Asian immigration sector has introduced visas like other countries. These documents authorize the people to visit the republic officially. 

  • Education, learning or research projects
  • Work or employment
  • To treat a medical issue
  • Business affairs and business meetings
  • To attend a particular event

There are three essential and crucial requirements to be eligible for an international visit.

  • He must handover a specific and genuine reason behind your tour
  • Acknowledge the department that you are economically secure and can handle your expenses while visiting an Asian state
  • You are agreeable to visit the country on your behalf

Different traveling papers are essential to get an official permit from Tajikistan authorities. The most critical and general materials are termed below.

  • Official identification obtained by the homeland state
  • A request form for an exact visa document
  • Provide all the data related to you and your family
  • You should have a passport
  • Provide other previous passport copies if you have any
  • Prove that you will return after visa expiration
  • An official copy of life and health insurance
  • Prove that you have adequate financial funds to handle your traveling expenses
  • Provide the necessary details about the source of income
  • Provide a piece of substantial evidence that you are a responsible citizen
  • not be involved in any criminal activity
  • Needed information related to host
  • A pair of the most matching photos
  • Flight booking info and copy of the receipt

Other special documentation is listed according to the visa brand.


Tourism is a particular and exciting activity for almost every single person. Random people like to make tours to different places. The Asian traveling sector has introduced excellent opportunities for tourists. Some of the tourist visas are for an extended period, and some are valid for a short period. The requirements to obtain a tourist traveling document are described below.

  • Provide all the required and necessary information regarding tourism places or cities
  • Prove that you are eligible to make a tour
  • Prove that you have a useful purpose for your tourism
  • Letter of no objection by your homeland government
  • If you are visiting the state in the group form, provide their details too
  • Also, give hotel and flight reservation information

Visitor Visa

It is a simple and official visa permit. It permits a candidate to visit the state. The validity of this visa is three to six months. The essential documents are the same as described in comprehensive reports. The candidate doesn’t need any unique or exclusive material.

Business Activities

Business permits are mostly allowed to businessmen people or the other random proprietors. This visa category authorizes a person to live and perform his business regarding activities officially. Well, new stuff is as follows.

  • An official ID
  • The papers regarding your business concern
  • Business registration material
  • Bank statement of fresh six months
  • A valid proof about your financial sources
  • A permission letter delivered by your country
  • Information related to the international account
  • Also, provide other details if they demand

Study or Exploration or Training

A study visa allows people to learn various courses. The students are also entitled to do a specific job while studying in an official institute. Other necessary documents are listed here.

  • All the essential certificates and degree certificates regarding schooling
  • Training certificates or letters if you have any
  • Information regarding your latest study course
  • Provide information related to the institute
  • Permission letter offered by your custodian or parents
  • Also, the message of no objection
  • Info regarding economic resources and other cash funds
  • Provide the essential details about host or hotel reservation
  • Flight appointment details

Work or Employment

A work permit is also called an employment visa. 

It mostly designed for different employees, job seekers, and workers. Many companies list out several valuable job vacancies. Employers also invite some of the workers. The supplementary documents for a work permit are given below.

  • Passport details
  • Previous employment experience certificates if you have any
  • Information related to the latest job
  • Provide all the needed information to obtain an official visa
  • Essential information regarding the bank account
  • Information about your economic position
  • Provide the bank statement for the fresh six months
  • Permission certificate provided by your homeland government
  • Provide a valid and official medical report
  • Health and character certificate

Hospitality Issue

Numerous people visit a state for treatment reasons. The necessary documents are explained below.

  • The official ID of the patient and guardian or caretaker
  • If the patient is with a caretaker, then provide his info too
  • Disease conclusion report provided by your homeland hospital
  • Provide the newest appointment or meeting letter provided by the doctor
  • Provide crucial details regarding financial funds

The technique to apply for an official visa permit is not so severe case. Here are some valuable but easy tips.

  • Take the request form regarding your favorite visa permit
  • Fill it with all the asked details
  • Ensure that all the provided details are correct and legal
  • Attach other necessary documents
  • Submit it and arrange your further arrangements
  • Make a proper setup for an interview and attend it
  • Answer all the questions effectively and confidently